Books and Monographs

Anatomy of a Campaign. The British Fiasco in Norway, 1940 (Cambridge University Press, May 2017)


Coalition Command in Contemporary Operations (London, RUSI, 2008)

Post Modern Challenges for Modern Warriors (Shrivenham Paper, 2007)

Contributions to Books

`The British Army and Thinking about the Operational Level` in Bailey, J et al (eds), British Generals in Blair`s Wars, (Farnham, Ashgate, 2013)

`Post Modern Challenges for Modern Warriors` in Cronin, P,(ed), The Impenetrable Fog of War. Reflections on Modern Warfare and Strategic Surprise, (Westport, Praeger, 2008)

`The Relevance of History to the Military Profession` in Murray, W and Sinnreich, R, (eds), The Importance of History to the Military Profession, (Cambridge University Press, 2006)…-a0171442177

`The Land Campaign. A Company Commander`s Perspective` in Badsey, S and Havers, R, (eds), The Falklands Conflict. Twenty Years On, (London, Frank Cass, 2005)

`The British Army and Approaches to Warfare Since 1945` in Holden Reid, B (ed), Military Power. Land Warfare in Theory and Practice, (London, Frank Cass, 1997)

`The British Army and Originality` in Holden Reid, B, (ed), The Science of War. Back to First Principles, (London Routledge, 1993)

Journal Articles    include

`Strategic Muddle. The British Fiasco in Norway 1940 and the Impact of an Absence of Strategy` in Ann Karin Larssen (ed) `Strategy-to-Task or Task-to-Strategy?`, Luftkriggskolens Skriftserie, Vol 38, Dec 2020

`The Political-Military Dynamic in the Conduct of Strategy` in Journal of Strategic  Studies, Vol 42, Issue 2, Feb 2019

`Where to for "The Operational"? An Answer` in Military Operations, Vol 1 No 4, Spring 2013.

`What Does the Military Want from the Strategic Defence Review?` in The Political Quarterly, Vol 81, No 3, Jul-Sep 2010

`Douglas ​Haig and Veterans. The  Douglas Haig Fellowship Lecture` in RUSI Journal, 155/1, Feb 2010…urnal/douglas-haig-and-veterans

​`​The Educational Upper Hand` in Defence Management Journal, No 46, 2009

`Learning About Counterinsurgency` in RUSI Journal, 151/6, Dec 2006

`​​​​Defence and the Universities in the Twenty First Century` in RUSI Journal, 149/3, Jun 2004. 

`What Should We Be Looking For? And For What? A Commanders Perspective on Recruits and Recruiting` in RUSI Journal, 148/2, Mar 2003

`Seizing the Advantage, Seizing the Initiative. New Opportunities, New Challenges` in RUSI Journal, 143/6, Mar2000…/seizing-advantage-seizing-initiative

`​​Achieving High Tempo. New Challenges.` in RUSI Journal, 144/6, Mar 1999

​`​The Meaning of Manoeuvre` in RUSI Journal, 143/6, Mar 1998