Books and Monographs

Anatomy of a Campaign. The British Fiasco in Norway, 1940 (Cambridge University Press, May 2017)


Coalition Command in Contemporary Operations (London, RUSI, 2008)

Contributions to Books

`The British Army and Thinking about the Operational Level` in Bailey, J et al (eds), British Generals in Blair`s Wars, (Farnham, Ashgate, 2013)

`Post Modern Challenges for Modern Warriors` in Cronin, P,(ed), The Impenetrable Fog of War. Reflections on Modern Warfare and Strategic Surprise, (Westport, Praeger, 2008)

`The Relevance of History to the Military Profession` in Murray, W and Sinnreich, R, (eds), The Importance of History to the Military Profession, (Cambridge University Press, 2006)…-a0171442177

`The Land Campaign. A Company Commander`s Perspective` in Badsey, S and Havers, R, (eds), The Falklands Conflict. Twenty Years On, (London, Frank Cass, 2005)

`The British Army and Approaches to Warfare Since 1945` in Holden Reid, B (ed), Military Power. Land Warfare in Theory and Practice, (London, Frank Cass, 1997)

`The British Army and Originality` in Holden Reid, B, (ed), The Science of War. Back to First Principles, (London Routledge, 1993)

Journal Articles    include

`The Political-Military Dynamic in the Conduct of Strategy` in Journal of Strategic  Studies, Vol 42, Issue 2, Feb 2019

`Where to for "The Operational"? An Answer` in Military Operations, Vol 1 No 4, Spring 2013.

`What Does the Military Want from the Strategic Defence Review?` in The Political Quarterly, Vol 81, No 3, Jul-Sep 2010

`Douglas ​Haig and Veterans. The  Douglas Haig Fellowship Lecture` in RUSI Journal, 155/1, Feb 2010…urnal/douglas-haig-and-veterans

​`​The Educational Upper Hand` in Defence Management Journal, No 46, 2009

`Learning About Counterinsurgency` in RUSI Journal, 151/6, Dec 2006

`​​​​Defence and the Universities in the Twenty First Century` in RUSI Journal, 149/3, Jun 2004. 

`What Should We Be Looking For? And For What? A Commanders Perspective on Recruits and Recruiting` in RUSI Journal, 148/2, Mar 2003

`Seizing the Advantage, Seizing the Initiative. New Opportunities, New Challenges` in RUSI Journal, 143/6, Mar2000…/seizing-advantage-seizing-initiative

`​​Achieving High Tempo. New Challenges.` in RUSI Journal, 144/6, Mar 1999

​`​The Meaning of Manoeuvre` in RUSI Journal, 143/6, Mar 1998